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Buy high definition Plasma TVs now and beat the price increases

Have you been putting off purchasing a new electronic item such as a Blu-Ray player, HD Plasma TV or because you are waiting until the price comes down a little more? This is understandable since the price of electronic goods seem to get cheaper and cheaper every year. Additional to this a lot of news reports talk of considerable price reductions on the high street that only appear to justify holding off for longer.

Donít the retail prices of electronic goods just keep getting cheaper?

When LCD televisions and Plasma televisions were initially launched they sold for about 10000.00. Each year they got cheaper and cheaper and now you can purchase them for a fraction of the cost with a much higher specification and improved picture performance. Well this trend of constantly declining prices on consumer electronics is about to change.

Buy now or pay extra later

In the last 12 months the value of the pound against the Yen, Dollar and Euro has weakened by in the region of 30%. So what has this got to do with the price of consumer electronics? Well for the reason that many products are manufactured in China and Eastern Europe the cost of importing them has increased as a result of the weakness of the pound. Even electronic goods produced in the UK will be affected by this because they use components manufactured outside of the UK.

Because of the economic down turn the majority of top brand consumer electronics manufacturers have tried to absorb this increase in costs and put off increasing the prices. Unfortunately they canít put this off any longer and announcements have been made by Sennheiser, Panasonic, Sony, Yamaha and Denon that prices will increase by up to 32% in January 2009. As soon as this happens anticipate further manufacturers to follow. The prices may well soar on existing models for some manufactures whilst others may well wait until they launch imminent new ranges of products. But be in no doubt prices will rise. Furthermore if the pound weakens even more then prices may well have to increase even further in the future.

So if you are looking to purchase the latest Blu-Ray Player, high definition Plasma Television, high definition LCD TV or other consumer electronic product now may be a better time than ever otherwise you will probably not see prices at the current levels for some time to come. As a result beat the price increases, buy now otherwise donít say that you werenít warned.

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