DivX Video Compatible

DivX is the brand name of the world's most popular video compression technology. At its core, DivX is a codec (short for compression/decompression) - a piece of software that compresses video from virtually any source down to a size that is transportable over the Internet without reducing the original video's visual quality.

With DivX video technology, you can compress a VHS tape down to one-hundredth of its original size or a DVD to one-tenth of its size. DivX video compression is so efficient you can fit the entire contents of a DVD on a regular data CD with no perceivable loss in quality. Now you can take any digital video content, from home movies to your personal DVD collection1 and save it on CDs to share with friends or store it on your computer's hard drive without spending huge amounts on extra storage.
Traditionally, video on the Internet was grainy, low resolution and postage stamp-sized. Today all that is changing. Since the introduction of DivX video technology five years ago, video content providers finally have a real solution to deliver their creations to the world without sacrificing visual quality or shelling out major cash for extra bandwidth. Millions of people worldwide are already using their standard high speed connections to download feature-length movies from the Internet in less than the time it takes to watch them. And DivX video technology powers a secure video-on-demand system that already boasts over 15,000 video titles from our content partners.