x HDMI Connection/s

HDMI has emerged as the digital standard for connecting HD devices, displays and components, and provides for the pristine transmission of high-definition digital video and digital audio via a single cable. Both based on Silicon Image's high-speed digital TMDS® technology, HDMI is fully compatible with DVI (Digital Visual Interface)-based devices. Further, HDMI is the first and only digital interface for Consumer Electronics devices that can carry:

Uncompressed high-definition video
Compressed or uncompressed multi-channel audio
Intelligent format & command data

Customer Benefits of HDMI
100% Digital
No Compression, no conversion
Pure digital picture and sound direct from the source (as it was meant to be seen and heard)
Video and Audio signal remains digital from output device to display device
Best quality sound and picture
Bandwidth to spare for HDTV
1080p capable and beyond
Over two times 1080i bandwidth
Includes YUV color space support

Only one cable required
All HD video and audio in one cable
Replaces up to 8 audio and 5 video cables
Reduced Wiring Complexity

Automatic Format Intelligence*
TV & AV Receivers can adjust without consumer intervention
Video source receives the display's supported video formats, and outputs the optimal audio & video format
Display regularly receives video format & aspect ratio from sources

Consumer Electronics Control*
Entire home theater controlled from a single remote
Enables high-level functions such as "one-touch play"