DTS Extended Surround adds a centre-surround channel to the existing 5.1- channel set-up. DTS-ES brings these soundtracks into the home in DTS quality and is the only home format that can deliver all 6.1-channels discretely. All sounds will be heard, whether played back as discrete, matrix or on a 5.1 system.
It is is compatible with all DVD-Video players and is accessible through the digital output.
The DTS coding system has a “core + extension” structure. The “core” represents the DTS data as has been known since the first home decoders. The “extension” can carry data for future applications or enhancements of any sort. All DTS decoders recognize and use the core data. Basic decoders ignore the extension data, while advanced decoders can make use of it. The extension for DTS-ES Discrete carries the additional 6th channel and is totally independent of the other channels.
DTS-ES Matrixed is the mixing of mono content from the two stereo rear speakers into the rear surround channel in a similar way to Dolby Digital EX