Dolby™ Pro-Logic IIx

Dolby Pro Logic IIx expands upon the popular Dolby Pro Logic II technology. With Dolby Pro Logic IIx, these receivers have the ability to process 2- or 5-channel sources into 5.1 or 6.1- or 7.1- channel output according to the model and speaker configuration. Dolby Pro Logic IIx creates a seamless, natural wraparound sound field that does not require specifically encoded programme content.
Users can also enjoy the following enhancements: improved surround envelopment, enhanced spatial depth, improved directionality and a larger 'sweet spot'.
Movie and Music modes can be used to match the sound experience even more closely to the source. Three additional Music parameters are also available: Dolby Center Width (focuses the vocal balance to the centre and front), Dolby Panorama (creates a seamless surround effect) and Dolby Dimension (creates a deeper or shallower surround field).