LG DP650

LG DP650
Model: DP650

USB 2.0 media plus,divx playback,up to 3hrs play

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DVD (Digital Versatile Disc)
DVD+R/RW (Re-Recordable)
MP3 (MPEG-3)
CD-R (Recordable)
CD-RW (Re-Recordable)
CD (Compact Disc)
DivX Video Compatible


7" Wide LCD Screen: 7" WQVGA LCD screen for wide picture viewing.Long life Built in BatteryEnjoy up to three hours of video play back. Also includes a vehicle cigarette lighter adaptor for continual playback.

USB Direct Recording: Record CD audio music directly to USB memory or MP3 player as well as converting audio files from CD Audio (.CDA) to .MP3 format in one process.

USB 2.0 Media Plus: Playback Music, photos and DivX video from a USB memory stick.DivX PlaybackVideo compression technology developed to enable users to play high-quality video in a fast and convenient way, while still maintaining the best quality picture possible.

The DP650 Portable DVD Player is also known as:

DP650, LG DP650, DP-650, DP 650, DP65O
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9th October 2015