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Panasonic TX-P42ST30B (TXP42ST30B) 42Inch Full HD 3D Ready 600Hz Neo Plasma Television, Freeview-HD, Viera Connect Internet, Wifi ready

Panasonic TX-P42ST30 (TXP42ST30) 42Inch Full HD 3D Ready 600Hz Neo Plasma Television, Freeview-HD, Viera Connect Internet, Wifi ready
Model: TXP42ST30B (TX-P42ST30B)

** See also TX-P42ST50B **

  • Neo Plasma Full 3D TV
  • FreeView-HD/ Infinite Black Pro
  • Viera Connect
  • 600Hz sub field drive
  • Actual Colour: BLACK

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1080p resolution
1920x1080 pixels
3D 24p Smooth Film
HD Ready 1080p
Game ModeFull 3DVIERA LINKNeo Plasma FHD 3DFreeview-HD
WiFi ReadyDolby™ Digital Plusx HDMI Connection/sx USB 2.0 Connection/s


Want a plug in and play 42 inch plasma tv that will blow you away?

Do you want your widescreen tv to be affordable but as future proof as possible?

Then you need to be looking at the very special Panasonic Viera TXP42ST30B.

With the Panasonic TXP42ST30 it is a feature packed delight that moves away from the usual array of Black boxes on the market with an ultra modern metalized design.

This large screen is equipped with the usual array of toys – (well it is a Panasonic) – to give the user the ultimate in multi functioning, multimedia, multi talented flat panel television.

The G14 panel is the basis of the television, and the same chassis used on all of Panasonics big high end hd tv sets.

To make things nice and simple, gone are the calibration modes to give you ease of operation and reduced cost!

The Panasonic TX-P42ST30 has a 600Hz sub field drive mechanism is still on hand to keep motion ultra smooth and ultra responsive. So instead of watching 1 frame of information you have the delight of seeing a further 12. If this is not enough for the discerning viewer an algorithm analysis is constantly second guessing the image to maintain motion handling even when the information is a little ragged!

A super fast response time of the individual pixels gives lighting reaction times. No motion blur or drop of resolution can be seen on the Panasonic Viera TX-P42ST30. So maintaining razor sharpness and definition, so your 1080i / 1080p hd viewing is exactly as the broadcast intended, sharp and up close to the action.

The enhanced contrast ratio with the latest Deep Black Filter Pro technology on the Panasonic TXP42ST30B has yet again surpassed Panasonics previous offerings. The gradation of white through to black has never looked better giving a richness and lushness of texture to complex imagery that really conveys every little bit of detail in absolute realism. Using fast switching phosphors of red, green and blue adds an abundance of colours to achieve a massive colour pallet to work from. Not only does this eliminate the cross talk on 3d viewing it also creates an ultra realistic experience which replicates real life and obtains a picture print that has one single aim – to impress to the max!

With the ultra realism that such a flat panel tv gives on 2d, why not don a pair of the optional shutter glasses to give you a depth of field that can only mean 3d tv!

With all the latest movies being in 3d as well as games, nothing gets the realism going in such a vivid fashion as the 3d av experience. Also incorporated into the Panasonic Viera TX-P42ST30 tv is a 2d to 3d convertor. So fancy watching the Wizard of Oz in 3d, or you really love Emmerdale so much that you want to immerse yourself further into the Yorkshire Dales, then hit the button on the remote and get your self further into the experience.

With a wealth of hdmi connections, usb recording or off board hard disc recording, sd card slot, a freeview high definition receiver, and the ability to network for internet applications, the Panasonic Viera TXP42ST30 is one addition to the house hold that will make your 42 inch tv experience a truly multi media home cinema experience.


Manufacturers Technology Features

  • Full 3D
  • VIERA Connect
  • Neo Plasma FHD 3D
  • Game Mode


Sound & Power Output

  • Dolby Digital
  • Dolby™ Digital Plus
  • V-Audio Surround
  • Dolby Pulse
  • DTS 2.0


Accessories Supplied

  • Remote Control
  • User Manual
  • Mains Cable
  • Table Top Stand
  • Batteries
  • NOT INCLUDED 3D Eyewear/Glasses

Power,Weight & Dimensions

  • 1,020 x 675 x 320 Dimensions (W x H x D) With Stand
  • 1,020 x 640 x 69 Dimensions (W x H x D) Without Stand
  • 23 (with stand) Kg Unit Weight (Approx)
  • AC 220 - 240 V, 50/60Hz Mains Power
  • 295 W Power Consumption
  • 0.3 W Standby Power Consumption

The TXP42ST30B Plasma Television Screen is also known as:

TXP42ST30B, PAN TX-P42ST30B, TXP42ST30, 42ST30B, 42ST30, P42ST30, TXP42ST3OB
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