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Panasonic TX-P42VT30B (TXP42VT30B) 42Inch Full HD 3D THX 600Hz Plasma Television 600Hz, Infinite Black Pro, Freeview-HD/Freesat HD Digital Tuners, DLNA Wifi Internet

Panasonic TX-P42VT30 (TXP42VT30) 42Inch Full HD 3D THX 600Hz Plasma Tv 600Hz, Infinite Black Pro, Freeview-HD/Freesat HD Digital Tuners, DLNA Wifi Internet
Model: TX-P42VT30B (TXP42VT30B)

42inch 1080p 3D VIERA 600Hz FreeView/Sat-HD Plasma

  • VIERA Neo 600Hz Full HD 3D TV
  • Freeview/Sat-HD/Infinite Black Pro
  • 2 x 3D Glasses Included
  • USB HDD/ SD Card Recording

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1080p resolution
1920x1080 pixels
HD Ready 1080p
NeoPDPGame ModeFull 3DVIERA LINKDigital TV ReadyFreeview-HD
FreeviewFreesat HDDLNA Certifiedx HDMI Connection/sx USB 2.0 Connection/s


Yet again, the masters of consistency have brought to our outlet a flag ship model that is sure to dominate the competitive high end tv model market with the new Panasonic Viera TXP42VT30B.

With the absence of Pioneer, Panasonic have taken up the mantel for ultra engineered, ultra accurate flat screen tv construction.

From the side profile you would easily forget that the Panasonic TX-P42VT30B is a plasma. This is more Led than plasma in styling with a slimness that any super model would envy!!!! Too many hours on a Wii Fit maybe!

Seriously though, this is one special hdtv.

The G14 Progressive flat panel is the basis of the design and provides the ground work to this very talented piece of television technology.

With the Panasonic Viera TXP42VT30's 600hz is yet again utilised to bring you the ultra smooth dynamic that we are now used to on the Panasonics. To further refine the process the excellent Intelligent Motion Picture Pro technology is constantly analysing the image. This is performed by assessing the motion of the image by using an algorithm (wave analysis). This amount of analysis allows the tv to present an image to such an exacting standard of fluidity that nothing is lost even during the busiest of 1080p action scenes.

Thinking about 3d home cinema? Well here we have it. No additional transmitters or gizmos required here. Panasonic have built everything you need into this 42 inch tv so no bits to balance on the top of the tv alongside your Xbox Connect. Also included are two sets of the necessary shutter glasses that can also be recharged.

If this is not enough, the Panasonic TX-P42VT30 does not need a 3d blu ray source to give you the delights of 3 dimensional viewing. This big slim line beast will also render your every day viewing to 3d! Fancy watching Dr Who or the X factor in full 3d av glory? Your formula 1 or Wimbledon final with absolute depth? Then this wondrous piece of technology allows you to do this with just a press of your remote control.

3d has presented further challenges for tv manufacture. The depth of image requires extra accuracy from the tv. Plasma and the Panasonic TXP42VT30 yet again meets this head on. Such fast response times although assisting the tv on fast moving action, (and lets get it right, Sports do look better on plasma, Fact!) pretty much eradicate the blurring we have seen evident on some of the very best of the competitions lcd/led offerings. The Panasonics talents at bringing something so realistic can only be seen as the manufacturers absolute commitment to give there customers the ultimate and very best.

With wifi internet DLNA (network) capability, more hdmi connections than you could shake a stick at, class leading contrast, USB HDD and SD card recording and freesat and freeview hd to boot, treat yourself to the ultimate 42 inch widescreen television set with the Panasonic Viera TXP42VT30B! This really is at the cutting edge of contemporary design and ability. You could say reassuringly conclusive!


Manufacturers Technology Features

  • Full 3D
  • dlna


Sound & Power Output

  • Dolby Digital Plus
  • Dolby Pulse
  • DTS 2.0
  • V-Audio ProSurround 2.1


Accessories Supplied

  • Pedestal stand
  • Remote Control
  • User Manual
  • Mains Cable
  • X2 3D Eyewear/Glasses
  • USB Dongle

Power,Weight & Dimensions

  • 1,018 x 664 x 320 mm Dimensions (W x H x D) With Stand
  • 1,018 x 630 x 50 mm Dimensions (W x H x D) Without Stand
  • 27 (with stand) Kg Unit Weight (Approx)
  • AC 220 - 240 V, 50/60Hz Power Supply
  • 156 (on average) W Power Consumption
  • 0.3 W Standby Power Consumption

The TXP42VT30B Plasma Television Screen is also known as:

TXP42VT30B, TX-P42VT30B, TXP42VT30, 42VT30B, 42VT30, P42VT30, TXP42VT3OB
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