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Philips HDT-8520 (HDT8520)

Philips HDT-8520 (HDT8520)
Model: HDT-8520 (HDT8520)

Freeview-HD Digital Tuner Box

  • 1080p Resolution on HDMI
  • 8-day Electronic Programme Guide
  • Series Recording
  • Twin Tuners

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The Philips HDT-8520 is a Freeview-HD receiver from Philips that gives you access to free high definition. To get the most out of your Full HD 1080p or HD Ready LCD or Plasma television you need a high definition source. The Freeview-HD receiver gives you access to the free to view channels from the BBC ITV and more with out the need to pay for a service like Sky and Virgin Media.

The Philips HDT-8520 has twin Freeview-HD tuners. Freeview-HD works in the same way as normal Freeview. You will still have access to 40 or so radio and television stations but you will have the additional HD channels to enjoy. Just like standard Freeview Freeview-HD is contract free and payment free. All you need to do is check that Freeview-HD is available in your area by visiting the Freeview website, the plug the HDT8520in to an external aerial, tune in and start enjoying Free HD and get the most out of your HD ready TV.

As this digital set-top box has twin tuners it allows you to watch one channel and recorder another. Also with the Philips HDT8520 you can control live television, pausing the action if you need to set out of the room or look away from the Television.

Product features of the Philips HDT-8520 (HDT8520)

- 8-day Electronic Programme Guide
- Ability to pause and rewind live TV
- Never miss an episode with Series Recording
- One touch recording
- Twin tuners to view a channel while recording another
- Standby consumption les than 0.5 W
- 1080p via HDMI for superb HD picture quality
- Optimal sound quality with Dolby Digital 5.1 output

The HDT8520 is also known as:

HDT8520, HDT-8520, PHILIPS HDT-8520/05, HDT8520/05, HDT852O
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