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Samsung LE40D503F7W (LE40D503) 40 Inch 1080p Samsung LCD Tv|Freeview HD|USB|HDMI

Samsung LE40D503 (LE40D503F7W) 40 Inch 1080p Samsung LCD Tv|Freeview HD|USB|HDMI
Model: LE40D503F7W

40 inch Full HD 1080p LCD TV,Freeview,USB

  • Full HD 1080p LCD TV
  • Wide Colour Enhancer Plus
  • Built In Freeview
  • Connect Share for USB
  • Actual Colour: ROSE BLACK

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1080p resolution
1920x1080 pixels
Full 1080p HD
Wide Colour Enhancer
Digital TV Ready
x HDMI Connection/sx USB 2.0 Connection/s


If all you want to do is pick up one of the latest TVs but donít want to be inundated with too many features and technology but still want to get hold of a LCD TV that can give you stunning image reproduction at a great price and with some other great features too then the Samsung LE40D503F7 should be your TV choice.

Although it may not be important to all of us Samsung take great pride in their manufacture of televisions to ensure that whilst being used they are kind to the environment and also when made too. This LCD doesnít deviate from this stance as it has been constructed using more efficient technology, fewer components and less toxic materials so in getting hold of these you are doing your own little bit for the Planet which might not seem much but every little helps! And with a unique Eco Sensor which measures the level and intensity of brightness in the room and automatically calibrates the brightness and image on the screen so you donít end up wasting energy with a brightly lit screen when it is not really needed therefore reducing the amount of energy you use that you really donít need to so helping the planet and also your eyes too.

Back to what you probably are more interested in though is its ability to reproduce pictures true to life and the Samsung LE40D503F7 certainly ticks all the boxes here. It is a Full HD 1080p LCD TV so as a result you are provided with a high definition experience thatís vibrant and crystal clear as the HD images produced are twice as clear in comparison to standard HDTV picture reproduction. Colour reproduction is truly amazing and really whatever you are looking at on screen was really there in your living room. Achieved by Samsungs wide colour enhancing technology this gives even the subtle colour tones life allowing you to immerse yourself completely in the imagery and you will even forget that its just TV you are watching.

This is also achieved on the Samsung LE40D503F7W by its HyperReal engine optimising picture performance to deliver images that are enhanced and intense.

Make use of the Freeview tuner built into the Samsung LE40D503 LCD and you will be able to get yourself access to free to watch channels and radio stations all through connection to your existing aerial connection and whatís even better is that it wont cost you anything extra as long as you can receive Freeview in your area you just tune in and enjoy!

You get plenty of connection options on the Samsung LE40D503F7W including 2 HDMI inputs so you can hook up your other HD devices such as you Blu-ray DVD player or games console for further ways to enjoy the Samsungs amazing picture clarity. Or perhaps you might want to connect a usb device to enjoy pictures or music through the 40 inch LCD TV well you do just that with ease and even can make use of the Ethernet connection.

Even sound reproduction is great on the Samsung LE40D503 SRS theatre sound. Ok its never going to be as good as connecting up a full surround sound speaker package but for sound reproduced from TV speakers, its pretty good.

The Samsung LE40D503F7 40 inch LCD is therefore much more than just a monitor to view TV programmes on, it offers you a way to enhance your viewing options giving you the chance to really immerse yourself in the action happening on screen and really are able to forget you are just watching and are not part of the action itself it is that clear and lifelike.




Accessories Supplied

Power,Weight & Dimensions

  • 967 x 586.3 x 107.1mm Dimensions (W x H x D) With Stand
  • 967 x 626.1 x 199.9mm Dimensions (W x H x D) Without Stand

The LE40D503F7W LCD Television is also known as:

LE40D503F7W, SAMSUNG LE40D503F7W, LE-40-D503F7W, LE-40D503F7-W, LE 40 D503F7W, LE4OD5O3F7W
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