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Samsung PS43D490A1W (PS43D490) 43 Inch 1080p Samsung Plasma Tv|Freeview|600Hz|USB|HDMI

Samsung PS43D490 (PS43D490A1W) 43 Inch 1080p Samsung Plasma Tv|Freeview|600Hz|USB|HDMI
Model: PS43D490A1W

43 inch HD 3D Plasma,Freeview,600hz,2d to 3d

  • HD 3D Plasma TV
  • Freeview Built In
  • 2D to 3D Convertor
  • Digital Noise Filter

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1024x768 pixels
Wide Colour Enhancer
3D Ready
Digital TV Ready
Freeviewx HDMI Connection/sx USB 2.0 Connection/s


Samsung have taken their already brilliant Plasma technology and have redefined it to include the latest 3D imaging technology allowing you to experience the glorious world of 3D. Get hold of the Samsung PS43D490A1W and you certainly wont be disappointed.

The Samsung PS43D490A1 is a 43 inch Plasma tv with some great features included. Perhaps its best feature to mention is the3D technology included. This is achieved with its 3D HyperReal engine included which ensures that 3D images are reproduced that are not just crystal clear, but are also highly detailed and the deepest blacks and purest whites are easily achieved. With a 2D to 3D convertor built into the Samsung PS43D490you can see even more in 3D as the technology converts 2D shows and movies into 3D so you can even watch content you have perhaps seen before in a new light.

Colour reproduction on the Samsung is amazing too thanks to Samsungs wide colour enhancer technology which drastically improves image quality and even the subtle colour tones that other Plasma TVs cannot reproduce are easily shown on the Samsung 490 plasma.

With a digital noise filter too as well helping to eliminate some of the “digital noise” you get on screen viewing is made even more crystal clear. Samsungs wide colour enhancer ensures that you get the best colour reproduction and even the most subtle of colours are made to appear lifelike and very realistic.

When watching the Samsung PS43D490A1 every time you watch you are even being kind to the environment too as Samsung have taken the environment very much into consideration when designing their plasma range. This range of Plasmas is constructed using more efficient technology, fewer components and non toxic materials too. So although its not really a life changing thing every little to help the environment really does add up!

You even get to enjoy Freeview on the Samsung PS43 with the built in DVB digital tuner allowing you access to a wealth of TV channels and radio stations and it doesn’t even cost anything as its subscription free unlike Virgin Media, BT or Sky. You just connect to your existing aerial connection, tune in and enjoy (as long as its available in your area though).

600hz sub field motion ensures that pictures are delivered precise and without judder or blur as the display on the Samsung PS43D490 can deliver images of up to 600hz subfield per second which allows for very precise picture reproduction no matter how fast the action is on screen your enjoyment of it certainly isnt hampered in any way and you are really able to enjoy films in the way a director would have intended you to.

This amazing Plasma TV that is part of Samsungs +1 series of Televisions which basically means if you compared this to last years model with the new design of the bezel you now get an extra inch of screen and therefore viewing area. It’s amazing what difference an extra inch can make. The extra inch also reduces the gap between the frame and the plasma panel.

Connectivity hasn’t been scrimped on with the Samsung PS43D490A1 allowing you to enjoy your digital content all through your plasma TV. 3 HDMI inputs also make it very easy for you to connect up a range of other devices too such as your games console like your Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 and perhaps your Samsung 3D Blu-ray player too for further enjoyment. When using HDMI connections you can also make use of Samsungs Anynet technology which basically allows you to control all of your equipment for example dvd player with a single remote control, even if its now a Samsung device! Perfect for those times when you cant find your remote as its gone down the side of the sofa again!

There is also a USB input to be found on the Samsung D490 plasma giving you further ways to enjoy your movies, photos and music. Just connect up and transform your TV into your own home entertainment theatre.

Combining all the different features mentioned together makes this 43 inch plasma certainly one to top your shopping list.


Manufacturers Technology Features

  • 3D Ready



Accessories Supplied

Power,Weight & Dimensions

  • 1011.8 x 698.7 x 305mm Dimensions (W x H x D) With Stand
  • 1011.8 x 622.4 x 56mm Dimensions (W x H x D) Without Stand
  • 1110 x 736 x 270mm WxHxD Inc Packaging
  • AC220 - 240V 50 / 60Hz Power Supply

The PS43D490A1W Plasma Television Screen is also known as:

PS43D490A1W, PS43D490A1WXXU, PS-43-D490A1W, PS-43D490A1-W, PS 43 D490A1W, PS43D49OA1W
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