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Samsung PS51D8000 (PS51D8000FU) 51 Inch Full HD THX 3D 600Hz Plasma Television|Smart Tv|Freeview-HD|DLNA Wifi Internet

Samsung PS51D8000FU (PS51D8000) 51 Inch Full HD THX 3D 600Hz Plasma Television|Smart Tv|Freeview-HD|DLNA Wifi Internet
Model: PS51D8000

51 Inch Full 1080p 3D Plasma Freeview HD Internet

  • Full 1080p 3D TV
  • Super Slim Razor Frame
  • Smart Internet
  • 600Hz Cinema Smooth Engine

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1920x1080 pixels
3D 24p Smooth Film
Full 1080p HD
Game Mode
3D ReadyFreeview-HDFreeviewDLNA CertifiedDolbyô Digital Plusx HDMI Connection/s
x USB 2.0 Connection/s


As with any manufacturers products you get what they consider to be their top of the range line up and with the Samsung D8000 Smart 3D TV this can certainly be said about it. Itís not just an average Plasma television as the Samsung PS51D8000FU is crammed full of amazing technology that is certainly jaw dropping stuff.

Samsung refer to the PS51D8000 as their +1 plasma screen purely because of the way the bezel has been designed as well as it being ultra slim, in comparison to last years model you get an extra inch of screen size. Last years Samsung equivalent model was a 50Ē screen but with this new screen you get an extra inch of viewing pleasure.

The Samsung PS51D8000FU really does allow you to enjoy the ultimate in 3D viewing quality that allows you to immerse yourself fully in the action. This is achieved thanks to the 3D HyperReal engine which provides a superior performance in addition to crystal clear Full HD images. You donít get any 3D glasses in the box but donít let this put you off as when you do add the 3D glasses you will be more than blown away with the imagery produced by the Samsung D8000.

A 2D to 3D convertor on the Samsung PS51D8000 allows for you to now view regular TV viewing and games in glorious 3D which wasnít possible previously so even watching just your usual programs wonít be the same anymore and you will see 3D in a whole new light.

As well as 3D viewing you can also make use of the 3D sound on the Samsung PS51D8000 which does a really good job of making you feel like you are watching a film in a real movie theatre rather than in your own home!

As the Samsung 51D8000 is Full HD 1080p you get twice the picture resolution of standard HD TVs allowing for naturalistic yet detailed images to be reproduced on the huge 51 inch plasma screen. Picture reproduction is not just brilliant down to this though as Samsung have really put a lot of thought into this to provide not just a brilliant 3D reproduction but across the board. A real black filter allows you to get crisp, clean images even in the brightest of viewing conditions as previously with plasma screens this was difficult to achieve. The clear image panel on the Samsung 51D8000 makes use of a new filter and panel structure to ensure there is no layered images and that images can be viewed clearly from a wide viewing angle. As a result this makes sure there isnt any issues with double images or blurring that you can sometimes see on glass screens.

Movie watching has never been better on the Samsung 51D8000 as their Cinema Smooth technology reproduces film action with reduced motion judder and combining this with the movie mode setting which gives you colour temperatures just like what you would get from a real cinema projector you really do get the atmosphere of the movie that the director would have intended you to. Combine all of this with Samsungs wide colour enhancer technology and its no wonder that the picture reproduced is truly amazing.

For those of you who enjoy sports or fast moving action Samsung have thought about you too as with its 600hz technology images are now displayed at speeds of up to 600hz subfield per second eliminating judder and motion blur, no more ruining that all important goal when watching the footie!

A built in Freeview HD tuner on the Samsung PS51D800FU gives you further ways to enjoy the TV as you can get access to an amazing array of free to watch channels ranging from news to sports and even documentaries all at no extra cost (as long as its available in your area) and as its high definition too you get the added enjoyment of the improved picture quality and you can even access some radio stations too.

As the Samsung PS51D8000 is a smart TV itís at the forefront of other comparable smart TVs in the features it has to offer. You can connect to the internet and make use of Samsungs smart hub to alter the way you watch TV and what you view. Whilst watching TV you can even download apps to search for content, surf the web and stay connected with friends and family and even find movie recommendations on what to watch, there are just so many possibilities. You will find what Samsung call a Social TV feature which gives you the chance to blog and chat about your favourite programmes via social networks such as Google Talk, Facebook and Twitter whilst still watching tv at the same time! (this is area dependant though)

Or maybe you prefer to talk to people face to face, well why not make use of the Skype functionality and make free Skype to Skype video calls to anywhere in the world.

Once you have had enough of the internet you can make use of the 4 HDMI inputs on the Samsung PS51D8000 to connect up your other HD devices such as your Blu-ray dvd player, Hard disc recorder and even your Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 and enjoy gaming with such realism. With 2 USB inputs you use one of them to make use of the ConnectShare Movie option to check out your movies, photos and music. Or even share movies, photos and music wirelessly around your home making use of DLNA technology.

So its more than just a top of the range Smart 3D Plamsa TV as the choices you have with this TV are truly amazing and wont leave you wanting for anything else.


Manufacturers Technology Features

  • 3D Ready
  • USB Music Player
  • USB Media Player
  • USB Photo Viewer


Sound & Power Output


Accessories Supplied

  • Wall Mounting Bracket

Power,Weight & Dimensions

  • 1195.9 x 802 x 309.5mm Dimensions (W x H x D) With Stand
  • 1195.9 x 719.4 x 37.1mm Dimensions (W x H x D) Without Stand
  • 1300 x 833 x 330mm WxHxD Inc Packaging

The PS51D8000 Large Plasma Television Screen is also known as:

PS51D8000, PS51D8000FUXXU, PS-51-D8000, PS-51D-8000, PS 51 D8000, PS51D8OOO
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