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Samsung UE22D5003BW (UE22D5003) 22 inch 1080p 100Hz LED Tv|HDMI|USB|Digital Freeview Ready

Samsung UE22D5003 (UE22D5003BW) 22 inch 1080p 100Hz LED Tv|HDMI|USB|Digital Freeview Ready
Model: UE22D5003BWXXU (UE22D5003)

22 inch Full HD 1080p LED Tv with Freeview,100Hz

  • Full HD 1080p LED TV
  • Clear Motion Rate 100Hz
  • Wide Colour Enhancer Plus
  • Freeview Built In
  • Actual Colour: CHARCOAL BLACK

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1080p resolution
1920x1080 pixels
Wide Colour Enhancer
Digital TV Ready
x HDMI Connection/s
x USB 2.0 Connection/s


As televisions have changed a lot over the years, going from just a big awkward box in the corner to something now can look like a piece of furniture then you will be looking to get hold of a television that offers the perfect mix between style and performance. Well one TV that does this perfectly is the Samsung UE22D5003BW.
Itís an amazing 22 inch LED TV that not only looks great but offers Full HD 1080p detail. Offering twice the detail produced by standard HDTVs the Samsung UE22D5003 gives a richly textured image playback with naturalistic imagery produced on screen.

Its one of the smaller televisions in this range from Samsung but donít let that deter you from buying as its picture quality makes up for its smaller screen size. You could quite easily use this as a second set in your bedroom or even the kitchen whilst you prepare the meals donít miss your favourite programmes anymore. Or perhaps you could pick one up for your childís bedroom as they would be more than happy with this (although they might not appreciate the picture quality as much as you would!)
On the Samsung UE22D5003 you can experience the true meaning of motion clarity with Samsungs Clear Motion rate 100 Hz which basically ensures that images are reproduced without judder and blur.

LED backlighting on the Samsung UE22D50003BW together with the HyperReal engine enhances images and gives for an optimal picture performance with crystal clear HD images. With the wide colour enhancer colours appear to be very true to life, even the most subtle of colours are able to be reproduced with accuracy allowing you to really concentrate on the action on screen and experience the full colour palette in the way the film maker would have intended you to. Crystal clear picture playback is also made possible with a digital noise filter which eliminates ďdigital noiseĒ on screen.

You even get to enjoy Freeview on the Samsung UE22D5003BW with the built in DVB digital tuner allowing you access to a wealth of TV channels and radio stations and it doesnít even cost anything as its subscription free unlike Virgin Media, BT or Sky. You just connect to your existing aerial connection, tune in and enjoy (as long as itís available in your area though). There is something to suit everyones tastes from Sports to Documentaries and news channels and thereís even some radio stations on there for those of you who enjoy listening to the radio. Plus you can even get some childrenís channels on there too so a great solution to keep the kids entertained if intended for a kidís bedroom.

With the Samsung UE22D5003 not only the picture quality has been considered by Samsung as they have even considered the environment too as they have committed themselves to provide consumers with ways to help the environment. On the UE22D5003BW it has a unique Eco Sensor which measures the level and intensity of brightness in the room and automatically calibrates the brightness and image on the screen so you donít end up wasting energy with a brightly lit screen when it is not really needed therefore reducing the amount of energy you use that you really donít need to so helping the planet and also your eyes too. Plus means you donít have to be messing with the settings all the time when the brightness levels in the room change. Just let the TV do the work!

If you prefer you can also plug in other devices to the Samsung UE22D5003 LED TV as with 2 HDMI inputs you are given further ways to enjoy this 22 inch LED television. Maybe connect up a Blu-ray DVD player or Hard disc recorder or maybe even your games console like your PS3 or Xbox 360 to further enjoy the stunning images produced on screen. If you are watching movies you can even enjoy the sound effects offered by the films making use of the SRS theatre sound HD on the Samsung UE22 which really allows you to become immersed in the film itself which is what the director of a film really intended to happen.

So it really is a great choice for a second set in another room as although itís only small it certainly does give you amazing picture performance and even better its Full HD 1080p which you donít always find on other manufacturers smaller sizes of televisions. So whether you decide to use this in the Kitchen or perhaps for one of your children you certainly will not be disappointed by its stunning performance.

Accessories Supplied

Power,Weight & Dimensions

  • 522 x 377 x 144.8mm Dimensions (W x H x D) With Stand
  • 522 x 323.1 x 29.9mm Dimensions (W x H x D) Without Stand
  • 599 x 125 x 464mm WxHxD Inc Packaging
  • 3.9 Kg Unit Weight (Approx)
  • 5.4 Kg Weight Inc Packaging (Approx)
  • AC220 - 240V 50 / 60Hz Power Supply
  • 45W W Power Consumption

The UE22D5003BWXXU LED Backlit Television is also known as:

UE22D5003BWXXU, UE-22-D5003BWXXU, UE-22D5003-BWXXU, UE 22 D5003BWXXU, UE22D5OO3BWXXU
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