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Samsung UE40D6750

Samsung UE40D6750
Model: UE40D6750

40 inch Full HD 1080p 3D LED TV,Freeview,200Hz

  • Full HD 1080p 3D LED TV
  • Clear Motion Rate 200 (400hz)
  • Wide Colour Enhancer Plus
  • Freeview+Web browser+Skype
  • Actual Colour: Silver/Titanium

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Edge Lit LED
1080p resolution
Full 1080p HD
Wide Colour Enhancer
Full 3D
Digital TV ReadyFreeview-HDDLNA Certifiedx HDMI Connection/sx USB 2.0 Connection/s


Sleek lines and a feature list that provides a multitude of entertainment options, the Samsung UE40D6750WK is a feature packed 40 inch 3D LED home cinema tv designed with the spec hungry punter in mind.

The basis of this Samsung UE40D6750 is the 1920 x 1080 flat panel design which provides a full HD 1080p image on any blu ray DVD or Playstation 3 content. This gives it the ultimate in detail and realism and offers the end user unrivalled image quality in a real minimalistic design.

To maintain performance at any angle, the Samsung UE40D6570 LCD panel design is based around Samsungs ultra clear panel technology. By intelligent panel architecture, no loss of clarity is achieved, even at the most acute angles, making this an ideal choice for any main living room application where various seating positions are evident.

Creating sharpness is one thing, maintaining sharpness is the other! The Samsung UE40D6750WS utilises Samsungs award winning Clear Motion Rate 200. By cycling the image at the equivalent of 200Hz, motion blur is diminished and sharpness is maintained. Hook up your fastest motion picture or high octane Blu Ray movie. Load your most graphic intensive X Box racing sim and put this widescreen to the test. This Samsung LED Tv will produce breathtaking motion no matter how fast the source.

With such amazing delivery in 2D, why not try it in 3D! Hook up your 3d Blu Ray or Sky 3D Hd package to the Samsung UE 40D6750 and watch one of the biggest developments in high def telly viewing of recent years. Bundle with the tv the necessary 3D eyewear and see what Samsung 3D can deliver to you.

The driving force of this Samsung LCD tv is LED backlighting. Using an edge LED tv design allows the screen to have an ultra slim aesthetic whilst delivering amazing Dynamic contrast and colour. By producing a whiter cleaner light, whites are brighter, blacks are inky in nature and exhibit none of the greyness of past years, plus colours are more accurate and closer to the actual colour spectrum than ever before. This Samsung UE 40D6570WK is an LED flat screen designed to deliver and with Samsungs brilliant colour enhancer never has the delivery of source material been so good.

Want to watch more of what you want to watch, then hook up this Samsung UE40D6570 flat screen to the world wide web. Plug in an Ethernet cable or package with the television a Wifi dongle and through simple Samsung Apps log onto the very best the web can offer. Youtube, BBC iPlay, ITV Catchup, Eurosports, Flickr, Twitter.... are all a click of a button away, so if you miss your favourite soap or you want to update your facebook profile during the ad breaks, just hit the button on your remote control and enjoy web entertainment on this amazing led tv.

Be ready for the switchover in your area and be fully digital compliant with the Samsung UE40 D6570. Just plug in your digital ready aerial and enjoy great programming all for the cost of your licence fee. To take this even further, this Samsung LED Tv also has Freeview HD. So should you be in an area that can receive it, BBC and ITV are now broadcasting the majority of its favourite programming in glorious 1080i, so allowing you to enjoy your favourite programming in immense high def detail.

If you like your tv to look great and perform even better, check out the Samsung UE40D6570WK 3D LED Tv. With a great specification, amazing minimalistic design, and easy to use menu system, this is a great all round enjoyable home theatre tv that will satisfy even the most discerning of AV enthusiasts! Buy one today!


Manufacturers Technology Features

  • Full 3D



Accessories Supplied

Power,Weight & Dimensions

  • 923.5 x 617.4 x 241.3mm Dimensions (W x H x D) With Stand
  • 923.5 x 539.6 x 29.9mm Dimensions (W x H x D) Without Stand
  • 1158 x 651 x 140mm WxHxD Inc Packaging
  • 8.3 Kg Unit Weight (Approx)
  • 10 Kg Weight Inc Packaging (Approx)
  • AC 220 - 240 V 50 / 60 Hz Power Supply
  • 100 W Power Consumption
  • Under 0.3w W Standby Power Consumption

The UE40D6750 LED Backlit Television is also known as:

UE40D6750, SAMSUNG UE40D6750WK, UE-40-D6750, UE-40D-6750, UE 40 D6750, UE4OD675O
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