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Sharp LC-60LE636E (LC60LE636E)

Sharp LC-60LE636E (LC60LE636E)
Model: LC-60LE636E (LC60LE636E)

60 inch Full HD 1080p LCD,Freeview HD,internet

  • HD Ready 1080p LCD TV
  • Built In Freeview HD
  • 100Hz with film dejudder
  • AQUOS NET + Internet Access
  • Actual Colour: Black

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Edge Lit LED
1080p resolution
1920x1080 pixels
HD Ready 1080p
HD Ready
Digital TV ReadyFreeview-HDWiFi ReadyDLNA Certifiedx HDMI Connection/sx USB 2.0 Connection/s


Just picture the scene, a huge 60” LED screen in your living room, showing your favourite action movie of all time via your Blu-ray DVD player making you feel as if you are at a real movie theatre. You would think that to be able to do this will cost you a small fortune and not something you could achieve, well with the Sharp LC-60LE636 you would be wrong as Sharp have produced a huge 60” LED TV that not only provides you the pleasure of a big screen at home but makes it affordable too.

Just because it is a massive 60 inch LED TV doesn’t meant that picture quality has been compromised on either as with its Full HD Ready 1080p picture resolution imagery appears on screen with true to life detail and colours appear bright and even the subtle tones such as flesh tones are reproduced with amazing realism. With an enhanced contrast ratio even black level reproduction is just as good. Adding to the colour and image reproduction is the ability of the LC-60LE636 LED TV to reproduce images on screen that are free from judder and blur that can often spoil your viewing experience. With the Sharp LC60LE their newly developed 100HZ technology reproduces images on screen with twice the number of frames of other TVs which results in a high response speed and therefore less judder or blur, perfect for when watching those action movies or sports programmes.

The Sharp LC60LE636 also produces a brilliant picture thanks to Edge LED Backlighting which provides a brighter picture and also allows the LED screen to be super slim.

It might be a colossal sized television but this doesn’t mean that its power hungry! Sharp have specifically designed this set to be A class energy consumption as at only 147w you can relax and watch as much TV as you want without having to worry about the electricity bill! At a time when every penny helps this is a great benefit to have.

Make use of Sharps Aquos Net + on the LC60LE636 and you can get yourself access to the best of the internet via the on screen applications for example you could enjoy a host of videos on YouTube on the huge 60” screen. You can even choose to do this wirelessly by making use of the included Wifi dongle so you don’t have the clutter of cables whilst enjoying the internet functionality.

Other ways to enjoy content on the 60” LE636E are offered by way of the 4 HDMI inputs on the rear of the unit offering you many ways to enjoy content on screen, be it from your Blu-ray DVD player or maybe your games console such as your Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii or even a Playstation 3. Imagine playing your favourite games on the huge 60” screen, you would really be able to see what is going on, even if it might not make you play any better! As with all HDMI connections it only takes one lead to so no more messing with loads of cabling! But if you still need other ways to connect up your hi-fi or AV system you can still find other connectivity options such as an optical digital output, analogue audio and headphone sockets should you wish to enjoy content without disturbing others in the house (perfect for those times in the middle of the night when you cant sleep, stick on your favourite action movie without waking the house!)

Freeview HD built into the Sharp LC-60LE636 allows you further content to playback on screen. Just plug into your existing aerial connection and if Freeview HD is available you are given access to a vast array of digital channels and radio stations and it doesn’t cost you a penny being subscription and monthly fee free. You can choose from many genres of entertainment including sports, documentaries and news channels too in addition to digital radio stations too so should offer something to cater for everyones tastes. And with HD channels on offer too from BBC, ITV and Channel 4 for example it really is amazing viewing.

If that isnt enough to keep you busy then you can make use of the USB on the Sharp LC60LE636E to maybe check out your digital pictures you keep taking but never get around to really looking at. Imagine checking out your latest holiday snaps with the whole family on the glorious 60” screen rather than trying to show them on your 15” laptop! Or you could enjoy your music collection or videos on screen too. And even sharing content around the home couldn’t be easier either as with DLNA technology you can do just this. Or if you always end up missing your favourite shows on tv you can plug in a hard drive system and use it as a PVR (personal video recorder) using the Electronic Programming Guide.

So basically if you want a huge TV that can offer stunning picture quality and added features but won’t make a huge hole in your wallet then look no further than the Sharp 60LE636E.


Manufacturers Technology Features

  • HD Ready
  • USB Music Player
  • USB Media Player
  • USB Photo Viewer



Accessories Supplied

  • Remote Control
  • User Manual
  • Mains Cable
  • Table Top Stand
  • Batteries
  • USB Dongle

Power,Weight & Dimensions

  • 1383 x 871 x 333 Dimensions (W x H x D) With Stand
  • 1383 x 838 x 72 Dimensions (W x H x D) Without Stand
  • 32.6 Kg Unit Weight (Approx)


  • AAAx2 (Battery Type)

The LC60LE636E LCD Television is also known as:

LC60LE636E, LC-60LE636E, SHARP LC-60LE636E, LC-60-LE636E, LC-60LE636-E, LC 60 LE636E, LC6OLE636E
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