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Sony BDP-S380 (BDPS380B)

Sony BDP-S380 (BDPS380B)
Model: BDP-S380 (BDPS380B)

Full HD 1080 Blu-ray Disc Player

  • Full HD 1080
  • DVD Up-Scaling to 1080p
  • Bravia Internet Video
  • USB Front Input
  • Actual Colour: Black

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BBC iPlayer
DVD (Digital Versatile Disc)
CD-R (Recordable)
Super Audio CD
CD (Compact Disc)
Region 2 (UK/Europe)x HDMI Connection/s


If you are looking to get yourself a Blu-ray DVD player that is simple to use and wont hurt your wallet then look no further than the Sony BDP-S380B.

Slim line and stylish the Sony BDP-S380 will look great as part of your home entertainment system and will great even when turned off. With its design features being taken into account by Sony the BDPS380 is great for partnering with the Sony Bravia televisions.

Blu-ray DVDís load up on the Sony BDPS380B very quickly as Sony have taken this into consideration as there is nothing worse than having to wait an age for films to load up. With the Sony BDP-S380 you will be able to watch movies quicker than before.

With High Definition picture reproduction from the Sony BDP-S380B you are presented with stunning picture quality or sound and when watching Blu-ray movies it really does feel like you are back at the movies. Incredibly clear and detailed pictures allow you to watch the film as the director intended you to. Regular DVD playback is just as amazing though as with DVD upscaling to 1080p its not just about watching Blu-ray DVDs as you already get to watch these in stunning HD 1080p playback.
The Sony BDP-S380 is not just a Blu-ray player though as it can do so much more. Years ago with DVD players you could only playback discs and that was only but with the Sony BDPS380 that is not the case. With Bravia Internet Video you can also access the internet displayed through your TV set. Maybe like to watch YouTube videos well now you can do so to your hearts content. With Catch Up TV too you wonít have to worry about missing some of your favourite programmes or sports as you can catch up on BBC iplayer for example. And what is even more amazing is that you can even use your iPhone,iPod touch or Android phone as a remote and search the internet for content!

With internet videos sometimes though you do get poor quality downloads but Sony have already thought about this and with the Sony BDP-S380 you get improved picture quality for poor quality internet content when using the Bravia Internet Video. As well as picture quality the Sony BDPS380 also allows for poor internet sound quality with IP noise reduction. Being Wireless LAN ready too you could stream content from the internet without the need for messy cables, just add a wireless LAN adapter and away you go.

With 2 USB inputs as well you can also enjoy other content via your television, maybe you have been away on holiday and want to enjoy your pictures, well why not do this on your television rather than having to try and make them out on your pc/laptop. That way you can share them with the whole family at the same time.

The Sony BDP-S380B also have an amazing Graphic User Interface called XrossMediaBar that allows you to see what devices you have connected and lets you quickly access them and all done very easily through your remote control.

So you can see this is more than just a Blu-ray player, even though itís not expensive you get amazing features and will get yourself many years of enjoyment.

Manufacturers Technology Features




Power,Weight & Dimensions

  • 430 x 36 x 199 mm (W/H/D) Dimensions
  • 220-240V 50/60Hz Power Supply
  • 18 W Power Consumption

The BDPS380 DVD Player (Blu-Ray) is also known as:

Sony BDPS380, Sony BDP-S380, SONY BDP-S380B, Sony BDPS380B CEK, Sony BDPS-380, Sony BDPS38O
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