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Sony KDL-24EX320WU (KDL24EX320WU) White 24 inch HD Ready Edge LED Smart Television|Freeview|Wifi|Smart Sensors|Bravia Internet Video

Low Price Sony KDL-24EX320 (KDL24EX320) White 24 inch HD Ready Edge LED Smart Tv|Freeview|Wifi|Smart Sensors|Bravia Internet Video
Model: KDL-24EX320 (KDL24EX320WU)

24 Inch HD Ready LED LCD TV with Freeview Tuner

  • Small Slim and Stylish Design
  • Built in Wi-Fi for Skype
  • Full 1080p HD Ready
  • Smart Sensors
  • Actual Colour: White

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Edge Lit LED
1080p resolution
1920x1080 pixels
24P (Frames Per Second) Playback
HD Ready
SKYPE CertifiedBBC iPlayerDigital TV ReadyFreeview-HDWiFi ReadyDLNA Certified
x HDMI Connection/sx USB 2.0 Connection/s


New to the market from one of the most respected manufacturers in the business is the Sony KDL-24EX320WU.

It is a 24 inch LED TV that is ideal for a second set for the kitchen or bedroom. Enjoy the stunning picture quality produced from this television set whilst you are preparing meals or relaxing in the conservatory. It is large enough to be able to comfortably watch programmes on yet remains elegantly unobtrusive.

Incorporated into the Sony KDL24EX320WU is some amazingly brilliant features that not only give you options for enhancing the picture quality, but also produce great sound quality too. With some tvs audio quality is considered as an afterthought and not really important on the smaller model ranges, however, with the Sony KDL-24EX320 this simply isn`t the case. Sony have given this tv superb ability to reproduce audio with clarity in addition to the other features such as Freeview HD and networking functionality.

The Sony KDL-24EX320 is LED Backlit and provides an unparalleled contrast ratio which basically allows the images to be reproduced with a much wider colour gamut and superior black levels. LED lighting along the top and bottom edges of the TV allow for reduced energy consumption too so you are even considering the environment whilst watching television. Another great benefit to the LED backlighting is that it allows the design and style of the tv set to be ultra slim, which is ideal if you want to wall mount the TV.

When watching the Sony KDL24EX320 you can do so with full high definition quality as the panel on the Sony KDL24EX320WU has full HD1080p technology. Once you have watched movies or played games in HD you simply will not want to go back to watching regular definition, as the difference between the 2 formats is completely different and very noticeable.

One of the best features on the Sony KDL24EX320WU is the built in Freeview Tuner. Gone are the days when you had to buy a separate set top box to enjoy Freeview content as it is now included as standard. All you do is simply connect to your existing aerial connection, tune in the TV and if Freeview is available in your area you can then begin to enjoy the completely subscription free content available. You will be offered a wide range of content to watch, ranging from Sports to Documentaries and films.

As its now commonplace to access the internet than it was a couple of years ago, the Sony KDL-24 EX320BU being a Smart Tv allows you to access online services and content. You have the option to either run an Ethernet cable directly to the rear or use the available Wifi option to get you up and running. Within no time you can be accessing some of your favourite online content, so ,log into your Facebook or Twitter account during the ad breaks, catchup on any missed programmes on BBC iPlay or ITV Catchup or you may just want to browse whilst you are waiting for the next episode of X Factor to begin or Strictly Come Dancing. As well if you like to use Youtube you can watch videos via your Bravia Television, so no more trying to see them on your small screen laptop or struggling to show the whole family a funny video clip on a measily netwbook or smartphone, just watch them with ease and in superior quality on a full widescreen 24inch flat screen.

The on board specified USB 2 Input on the Sony KDL24EX320WU gives you full access to any downloaded content you may have on either a USB dongle, external hard disc drive, or indeed camcorder footage. Simply hook up your piece of digital equipment via firewire to USB and enjoy them on this brilliant LED widescreen.

This is truly an amazing television set that befits the name Smart Tv. It not only looks the part in a super contemporary looking white option, but also gives you a truly eclectic mix of features and applications that are simple to access and real fun to use. At a great discounted deal price from Digital Direct, and with a truly magnificent balance of looks and ability, this is one brilliant LED Tv set. Click the add to basket for the latest Sony KDL-24EX320WU and enjoy a cracking widescreen experience.

(also known as KDL-24EX320WU, KDL24EX320WU, KDL-24EX320, KDL24EX320)


Manufacturers Technology Features

  • HD Ready
  • SKYPE Certified
  • USB Music Player
  • USB Media Player
  • USB Photo Viewer
  • dlna
  • BBC iPlayer



The KDL24EX320U LCD Television is also known as:

Sony KDL24EX320, Sony KDL-24EX320, SONY KDL-24EX320WU, Sony KDL-24EX320-U, Sony KDL-24EX320U, Sony KDL24EX32OU, Sony KDL24EX320U
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