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Sony KDL-46HX923(KDL46HX923) Ultimate 46 Inch Full LED XR800Hz Bravia Telelvision|Intelligent Peak|Wifi Internet|Skype Camera|Freeview HD

Best Deal Sony KDL-46HX923BU (KDL46HX923BU) 46 Inch Full LED XR800Hz Bravia Telelvision|Intelligent Peak|Wifi Internet|Skype Camera|Freeview HD
Model: KDL-46HX923 (KDL46HX923)

46 inch Full LED Smart TV 800Hz WiFi DNLA Web TV

  • Full HD 3D Monolith Backlit LED TV
  • Motionflow XR800/Ultra Slim 46" LED
  • FreeView-HD/Skype/WiFi/Internet TV
  • Actual Colour: BLACK

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Full LED
1080p resolution
1920x1080 pixels
HD Ready 1080p
Intelligent Sensor
Full 3DBRAVIASKYPE CertifiedInvisible SpeakerBBC iPlayerFreeview-HD
WiFi ReadyDLNA Certifiedx HDMI Connection/sx USB 2.0 Connection/sYouTubeLove Film
Demand Five


The latest top of the range widescreen, the Sony Bravia KDL-46HX923BU is certainly going to set the high end, premium quality HDTV market alight with its raw technical ability and beautiful aesthetic.

Utilising the latest generation LCD panel coupled with clever localised LED backlight dimming we are seeing for the first time an amalgamation of what is good about all types of tv, whether plasma, lcd or led. No greying of blacks here, nor picture blur in sight. This is one classy tv that has come of age.

The KDL46HX923BU uses Intelligent Peak LED back lighting. This positions LED`s behind the screen to allow them to controlled in reference to light intensity. Each LED looks after a cluster of pixels meaning that if an area on screen is dark or black in nature, then the led can be turned down in relation. On the flip side if it is intensely bright then it can be increased. Unlike edge lit LED or LCD this reduces contamination as everything is managed on an ultra micro level to the nearest pixel point (almost). The other advantage on this system is that it reduces the pixel halo effect which has dogged LCD design for years, plus the tv, due to it managing the lighting effect better is more environmentally eco friendly as it uses less energy.

Another distinction of the Intelligent Peak LED backlighting is that on complex imagery where a lot of dark and light shades are evident, the hdtv draws the power that normally “runs” the LED positioned in the darker area and re routes the power to increase the intensity of the brighter area. Such clever technical management is why this is deemed as being an AV triumph and simply sets itself apart from previous designs.

The Sony KDL-46HX923 is also 3D capable. It comes with 2 pairs of eye wear so it is ready to go straight out of the box. What this home cinema widescreen achieves is an intense translation of the raw video source. 1080p Blu Rays are simply lossless in presentation and with the 3d effect the depth of image is simply amazing delivering one of the most capable performances of any tv on the market bar none.

The black mirror edge monolithic design on the 46HX sets the tv set apart from its competitors. Great build, coupled to superb operating system and an easy to use well refined remote control, simply shows that you are sitting in front of a Sony tv.

Motion is handled by the brilliant Motionflow XR800Hz. This refinement of the usual overscan sees not only an increase in physical frames placed on screen, but to enhance the colouration black frames are interlaced in between the coloured frames by blinking the LED backlights. By doing so an improvement in motion is easily seen plus this black backdrop effect drives forward the coloration and emphasis of the television image.

Opticontrast is a clever technology built into the KDL46HX923 to maintain consistent contrast and brightness. By assessment of the ambient lighting within the room the tv adjusts itself to present the very best and optimised image given the conditions the tv is working within.

With multi functionality being the name of the game, especially at this end of the market, the KDL46 HX923BU does not disappoint. This widescreen in Wifi wireless straight out of the box. Hook it upto your BT Home Hub / Router and enjoy the very best of the web.
Access your Facebook account, view your favourite Flickr images, watch a funny Youtube video or catch up your tv on BBC iPlay. To enhance the delivery of the information, and with a true understanding of the video footage Sony have also introduced to this well rounded AV tv X Reality Pro. Compressed data can looked ragged compared to Blu Ray or HD. The same can be said for Freeview, especially when expanded over a 46 inch tv set. X Reality sharpens and enhances lower resolution footage and compressed data. The resultant factor is greater precision and much better colours and definition.

With the Wifi is also networkability. The KDL-46HX923BU is DLNA so simply turn on your Windows 7 PC or match up your DLNA Smartphone and transfer data to your big screen tv without the need for wires – even if you are in another room.

To maintain the quality factor, Freeview HD is built into the TV meaning that you can watch BBC or ITV High Def footage by simply plugging in your aerial. No costly Sky or Virgin box subscription needed. It is all part of your TV licence fee.

With USB slots galore, HDMI connections to plug into your favourite home theatre system or your Playstation / X –Box, this really is the last word in high end High Definition Tv.

Treat yourself today and give Digital Direct a call, this is the definition of high end, quality, cinema television.

(known as: KDL-46HX923BU,KDL46HX923BU,KDL-46HX923,KDL46HX923,kdl-46hx923btn.yg,kdl46hx923btnyg,kdl-46hx923btn,kdl46hx923btn)


Manufacturers Technology Features

  • Full 3D
  • SKYPE Certified
  • Invisible Speaker
  • USB Music Player
  • USB Media Player
  • USB Photo Viewer
  • Presence Sensor
  • Energy Saving Switch
  • S-FORCE Front Surround
  • dlna
  • BBC iPlayer



Accessories Supplied

  • Remote Control
  • User Manual
  • Mains Cable
  • Table Top Stand
  • Batteries
  • 2 pairs 3D Eyewear/Glasses

Power,Weight & Dimensions

  • 1081 x 692 x 258mm Dimensions (W x H x D) With Stand
  • 1081 x 660 x 38mm Dimensions (W x H x D) Without Stand
  • 1236 x 817 x 158mm WxHxD Inc Packaging


  • AAAx2 (Battery Type)

Network Access Features

  • YouTube
  • Love Film
  • BBC iPlayer
  • Demand Five

The KDL46HX923U LED Backlit Television is also known as:

Sony KDL46HX923, Sony KDL-46HX923, SONY KDL46HX923BU, Sony KDL46HX923U, Sony KDL-46HX923-U, Sony KDL-46HX923U
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