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Yamaha YSP-2200 (YSP2200BL)

Yamaha YSP-2200 (YSP2200BL)
Model: YSP-2200 (YSP2200BL)

Award Winning Low Profile Digital Sound Projector

  • Low Profile
  • 3D compatible
  • 132W digital amplifier
  • Actual Colour: BLACK

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If you are after a neat and ultra minimalistic audio solution that will enhance the lacklustre speakers built into your widescreen hdtv, why not look at one of Yamahas award winning Sound Bars.

Digital Direct have just received into its online store the latest YSP2200.

This brilliantly designed, super low profile sound bar yet again follows on the tradition that Yamaha are the real pioneers of speaker reducing audio design. By understanding the nature of modern tv`s and the super slim line designs, Yamaha have produced an ultra user friendly audio system that can be placed in front of the skinniest of television sets.

The single design sound bars historically have to cater for the lower frequencies by incorporating larger sub woofer speakers. This required extra height to be placed on the actual dimensions thus making a larger piece of kit and sometimes not useable due to it covering over the physical tv picture. By removing the bass element from the bar itself and operating a separate sub woofer this has decreased the physical dimension to allow it to be sited below the thinnest of led hdtv`s, plus it improves the frequency range of the system as it uses a weightier bass driver to power the excitement of your Blu Ray.

The truly brilliance in the design is in the listening experience. When listening to the audio from the sound bar it envelopes you in an almost surreal fashion as you wonder how this box of tricks can create sound that is so detached from the speaker itself.

This is done by bouncing audio around the room through multiple beams, but also maintaining direct control of the central dialogue function. Using Yamahas IntelliBeam technology, the sound projector creates a “sound field” that is still cohesive in nature but surrounds the listener with audio that is perfectly matched to the action on screen.

To make this nice and simple, Yamaha include a simple intellibeam microphone. By linking up with the sound bar the microphone calibrates the audio to match up with your living environment. This makes setup an absolute breeze whilst avoiding any problems or dead spots within the living space.

To compliment your blu ray movies, HD Audio is built into the home cinema system. This lossless audio format delivers audio that is bit for bit the same as the studio master, or in real terms exactly as the producer intended.

The YSP2200 is not only a brilliant surround sound cinema system, but the adaptive versatile listening modes allow you to listen to stereo information as easily and effectively as the surround sound mode. By using the 3 beam mode you can separate the music and vocal to concentrate the vocal to the centre of the listening room, whilst dispersing the music to the left and right creating a truly absorbing experience. For the purist out there, the audio mode can be set to a simple classical stereo mode.

With a host of features, Airwired (via the optional YID-W10) for Ipod, HDMI profile 1.4 3d compatibility, and a fabulous aluminium construction, why not treat yourself to the absolute cutting edge of minimalistic audio design. Your tv speakers will never be enough again.

The YSP2200 Soundbar Speaker is also known as:

YSP2200, YSP-2200, YAMAHA YSP-2200 BL, YSP2200BL, YSP 2200, YSP22OO
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